1. cockenblog:

    My mom just saw Leslie Mann and thought it was Lindsay Lohan so great job to one of them and I’m so sorry to the other.


  2. Max Lavergne has a lot to answer for


  3. Camping in the backyard


  4. my children


  5. 2087:

    World’s First Self-Replicating 3D Printer Is Assembled in Only 30 Minutes

    I’m so glad someone’s gone and invented this, I’ve heard too many people make the joke, whenever 3d printers come up in conversation, that they’re gonna buy one and just print more printers, haha, right? like, it’s an obvious joke to make but it’s a pretty weak one and i’m sick of hearing it so thank god I can now just say well, yeah, that’s a real thing, you can get a 3d printer that will print more 3d printers, it’s no longer a joke by virtue of the fact that it exists so you’ll have to try harder to be funny. try 3d printing yourself a decent joke you hack.

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  6. onceablonde:

    So, I just found the baby elephant subreddit.

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  7. grinderman2:



    Oh, yeah, rap music is better than classic rock bands such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, etc… NOT. It’s called “sarcasm.” Read a book, idiots. If you need me, I’ll be in my 2011 Corolla listening to Billy Joel. Idiots.

    Rap “music”

    Yes, I love how you put that in quotes. Rock on

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  8. Peep this hot new look for winter 2014. Stand next to a bush and your leg becomes invisible. #camo #fashion


  9. Haha, that little exchange came out sounding a lot more plausible than I expected. I should clarify, the doc did not quote Kanye, I made it up. I don’t think she’s even a fan.


  10. 18 stitches where they put the plate in my leg. Talked to the doc about getting the same thing done on a bunch more bones, make me super strong, go full bionic. ‘No one man should have all that power’ she said and winked at me, we hi fived cos it was a sweet Kanye reference but in reality I was pretty disappointed.


  11. Tonight’s moon blood is on all of our hands



  13. it ended when he smothered his genitals in pollen and tried to fuck a beehive


  14. From a couple of weeks ago at a thing, I know it’s blurry but it’s like I’m stepping on the guy or pushin him over LOL. Like if you agree, share if no.


  15. Our parents generation had black and white tv and that’s easy to imagine but think about trying to tell your kids about how we had analogue tv. It wasn’t even that bad it was just a bit shitter than digital. Hard to explain though. They won’t get it, so why even bother? Don’t tell your kids about analogue tv it’s just not worth it.