1. Well, Business Insider Australia have thrown their hat in the ring for the headline of year awards.



  3. back at it again at Shit Memes



  5. tmaction asked: Hey buddy, if you use chrome and install adblock and adblock plus chrome extensions (free), it will skip all the youtube ads for you. Cheers tmac

    thanks but i feel like ads keep me grounded. sometimes i don’t even skip ‘em.


  6. One of the whitest things you could do would be to make a ranking of Wes Anderson movies from favourite to least favourite. Here’s mine;

    1. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
    2. Rushmore
    3. Bottle Rocket
    4. The Darjeeling Limited
    5. The Grand Budapest Hotel
    6. The Royal Tenenbaums
    7. Fantastic Mr. Fox
    8. Moonrise Kingdom

  7. lindsayzoladz:

    Werner Herzog: There should be more shoe-eating in this country! Do you remember that man who ate his bicycle? I think the last I heard he was attempting to eat an airplane. I love that man!

    Interviewer: That man is dead.

    Herzog: Ah, well. Another like him will come along.

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  8. look at these old people and their Children of the Corn eyes


  9. shortformblog:

    Know that selfie-taking idiot who got kicked in the head by a train conductor? Well, that YouTube video he uploaded got a crapton of views, and he’s poised to make bank from ad revenues and licensing fees—as much as $250,000, according to one estimate. Who’s laughing now?



  10. The Shit Memes facebook page is really growing on me


  11. One theory is that he’s what’s known in the biz as a “bad actor”. But there could be any number of reasons for it.


  12. A lot of people are getting all up in arms about a this weeks game of thrones but if any of you had BOTHERED TO READ THE BOOKs you’d know that it literally says “All of a sudden Petyr Baelish, aka, ‘Littlefinger’ has a really strong and weird accent and sounds heaps different from what he used to for no reason at all.” so like, get over it, it happens in the book as well.


  13. I love Kanye and I love Father Bob and I love this



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  15. There’s three types of people in this world, people who have their facebook news feed set to top stories, people who have it set to most recent, and people who aren’t aware that’s a setting you can adjust.