1. From Slacktory.com’s roundup of the best NaNoWriMoOpeners tweets Volume 1 & Volume 2.

    I’m a big fan of what Nick Douglas et. al are doing at Slacktory. From ‘best of’ twitter round ups like these, and their reddit thread recaps, to articles like this new one about a shitty detective by Ken McCarthy. He’s the same guy who does all “The Troll" posts as Ken M over on Collegehumor, which he’d been posting here on tumblr as horseysurprise before they got him on board as a contributor. It’s just a solid website with really good content for anyone who is interested in humour and current internet culture.

    It’s these kind of people, who are doing cool shit on the internet that I really dig, that make me want to get better at writing stuff and ~being funny~ etc. They’re the Helen Hunt to my Jack Nicholson of internet comedy content creation. And that joke is about as good as it gets from me, sorry.

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