1. "But the chorus is like a diamond so small it can easily be missed. It isn’t repeated nor lingered on, but the song effectively pauses for a brief moment while Brock expresses a sentiment that is almost tailor-made for aimless 20-somethings that have opinions about everything: “Talking shit about a pretty sunset/Blanketing opinions that I’ll probably regret soon/Changed my mind so much I can’t even trust it/My mind changed me so much I can’t even trust myself.” I’ve said this previously, but one of the best qualities of Modest Mouse is their refusal to condescend to the self-involved angst that plague everyone, but, for some reason, is culturally snickered at. While the main verse is almost an indictment of the narrator’s negative tendencies, the chorus is more empathetic about the dread of feeling adrift. Who talks shit about pretty sunsets? People afraid to be a part of a group because it would compromise their individuality. But what if that individuality is built on halfhearted opinions that only serve to differentiate you from a group. Who are you really if you can’t trust yourself? “TSAPS” doesn’t answer any questions but the coda suggests something inherent to these bouts of existential crisis: relief comes from the knowledge that everyone experiences these struggles in one way or another."

    Week #103 of OneWeek // OneBand was written by Vikram Murthi on Modest Mouse.

    OneWeek // OneBand did Modest Mouse a while back and today I finally got around to reading through all of the posts. If you’re a fan it’s definitely worth a look. I don’t totally agree with his take on everything but there were a few bits I really liked. Some good insights.

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